Scheduled International Conferences


47th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2008
Date Venue Attendees
May 15-18 Twin Messe Shizuoka 78,000(60 nations)

6th Workshop of "uneven-aged silviculture" IUFRO group in Shizuoka (2008)
Date Venue Attendees
October 28-31 Shizuoka University 100

Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka
Date Venue Attendees
October 31 & November 1,2,3 Shizuoka City 2,280,000
(22 nations)

7th International Symposium of Subsurface Microbiology
Date Venue Attendees
November 16-21 Granship 300

Record of Past International Conferences


Entertaining street performers come from all over the world to perform during this annual street performers event, held for several days every fall since 1992. Approximately 1,500,000 children and adults attended this gala event in 1996.

The Shizuoka Forum is a series of forums that began in 1996 that will continue for ten consecutive years. Focusing on two major themes, Health and Longevity and Asia and Pacific Issues, this forum invites prominent guest lecturers from abroad and all over Japan.

Usually held in May every year, the Hobby Show in Shizuoka attracts not only buyers from all over Japan, but buyers world-wide. This large-scaled plastic model trade show is held at Twin Messe Shizuoka, Shizuoka's largest exhibit hall, and is also open to the public for plastic model fans.



5th International Symposium on Recepotor Mechanisms, Signal Transduction and Drug Effects
Date Venue Attendees
May 10-11 Granship 360(12 nations)

16th International Symposium on Molecular Cell Biology of Macrophages
Date Venue Attendees
Jun 14-15 Granship 200(3 nations)

World O-CHA(Tea) Festival 2007
Date Venue Attendees
November 1-4 Granship 102,460(20 nations)

Date Venue Attendees
November 6-9 Granship 200(10 nations)

7th International Abilympics
Date Venue Attendees
November 12-18 Granship, Twin Messe 65,900(21 nations)


28th APEC Tourism Working Group Meeting
Date Venue Attendees
May 9-13 Nippondaira Hotel 500(21 nations)

The Japanese Society of Nutrition and Food Science
Date Venue Attendees
May 19-21 Granship ,
University of Shizuoka
2,000(10 nations)

3rd International Symposium on Contaminated Sediments
Date Venue Attendees
May 23-25 Azalea 120(14 nations)

Japan Society of Earth Science Education 60th Annual Conference
Date Venue Attendees
August 18-21 Shizuoka University 150(5 nations)

7th Japan-China International Symposium on Health Science
Date Venue Attendees
November 5-6 University of Shizuoka 600(8 nations)

The 7th Conference ,
Association for Contemporary Korean Studies in Japan
Date Venue Attendees
November 18-19 University of Shizuoka 120(2 nations)

The 11th Shizuoka Asia-Pacific Forum
Date Venue Attendees
December 9-10 Granship 500(4 nations)

Internal Workshop on Neutrino Masses and Mixings
Date Venue Attendees
Docember 17-19 University of Shizuoka 40(5 nations)


18th Symposium of Biomedical Analytical Sciences
Date Venue Attendees
August 5-7 Granship 300(5 nations)

The 31th JALT International Conference
Date Venue Attendees
October 7-10 Granship 1,500(15 nations)

27th The Ayurveda Soceity of Japan
Date Venue Attendees
November 12-13 Shizuoka Citizens' Cultural Hall 250(2 nations)

The 10th Shizuoka Asia-Pacific Forum
Date Venue Attendees
December 2-4 Granship 500(6 nations)


The Future of Biotechnology
Date Venue Attendees
September 11 Granship 150(3 nations)

25th Annual Meeting of JSCPT and Related Academic Meetings
Date Venue Attendees
September 16-19 Granship 1,900(4 nations)

The First Convention of the Association of International Behavioral Studies
Date Venue Attendees
September 24-26 University of Shizuoka 500(4 nations)

The 38th JES Annual Congress
Date Venue Attendees
September 29-October 2 Granship 1,000(5 nations)

38th Japanese Scoliosis Society
Date Venue Attendees
November 12-13 Granship 300(5 nations)

The 18th Annual Congress of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research
Date Venue Attendees
December 9-11 Granship 1,000(14 nations)


Japan Society of Research on Early Childhood Care and Education
Date Venue Attendees
May 17-18 Granship 2,500(3 nations)

9th Japan International Youth Musicale in Shizuoka
Date Venue Attendees
July 19-27 Shizuoka Citizens' Cultural Hall 2,100(13 nations)

The 8th Playback Theatre World Conference
Date Venue Attendees
September 23-28 Granship 500(25 nations)

15th International Symposium on Chrality
Date Venue Attendees
October 20-23 Granship 310(18 nations)

US Japan Science Seminar
Date Venue Attendees
November 2-7 Granship 55(28 nations)

JALT 2003 Keeping Current in Language Education
Date Venue Attendees
November 22-24 Granship 1,700(16 nations)

The 8th Shizuoka Asia-Pacific Forum
Date Venue Attendees
December 13-14 Granship 250(7 nations)


The Japan US Business Meeting
Date Venue Attendees
September 10-11 Hotel Century Shizuoka 120(1 nations)

The 16th National Conference on Johkasou Technology
Date Venue Attendees
October 9-10 Granship 1,300(3 nations)

22th Agricultural Formulation and Application Symposium
Date Venue Attendees
October 24-25 Granship 260(2 nations)

IMJ 2002 in Shizuoka
Date Venue Attendees
November 2-4 Shizuoka Citizens' Cultural Hall 500(21 nations)

JALT 2002 Keeping Current in Language Education
Date Venue Attendees
November 22-24 Granship 1,500(16 nations)


The 17 Shizuoka International Track and Field Meet
Date Venue Attendees
May 3 Kusanagi Sogo Undojo 1,500(10 nations)

Marine Biotechnology Shizuoka 2001
Date Venue Attendees
May 25-26 Granship 220(2 nations)

The 10th DDS Conference
Date Venue Attendees
June 2 Azalea 200(2 nations)

The 16th Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Economics and Management
Date Venue Attendees
June 2-4 University of Shizuoka 250(2 nations)

The 57th Congress of Japanese Association of Stabismus and Amblyopia
Date Venue Attendees
June 22-24 Shizuoka Citizens' Cultural Hall 1,500(2 nations)

The 37th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Date Venue Attendees
July 4-6 Granship 1,300(3 nations)

22nd Japanese Carbohydrate Symposium
Date Venue Attendees
July 16-18 Granship 500(3 nations)

14th International Symposium on Ostracoda
Date Venue Attendees
August 1-4 Shizuoka University 130(25 nations)

Shizuoka World Junior Football Tournament
Date Venue Attendees
August 22-28 Ecopa 264(7nations)


The 16th Shizuoka International Track and Field Meet
Date Venue Attendees
May 3 Kusanagi Sogo Undojo 1350 (10 nations)

International Educators Program in Sizuoka
Date Venue Attendees
June 29-July 3 Shizuoka City 500 (3 nations)

Western Academy of Management-Shizuoka
International Management Conference
Date Venue Attendees
July 9-12 Granship 400 (1 nations)

8th Japan International Youth Musicale
Date Venue Attendees
July 16-24 Shizuoka Citizens' Cultural Hall 1650 (12 nations)

2000 Japan-Korea Joint Symposium of Plant Science

Date Venue Attendees
July 22-25 University of Shizuoka 500 (10 nations)

The Annual Meeting of Botanical Society of Japan

Date Venue Attendees
September 29-October 1 Shizuoka University 850 (7 nations)


18th ABC Championship for Women in Shizuoka
Date Venue Attendees
May 1-5 Kusanagi Sogo Undojo 400 (14 nations)

'99 Dance Sport Granprix in SHIZUOKA
Date Venue Attendees
July 18 Granship 600 (5 nations)

Date Venue Attendees
August 24-28 Granship 300 (20 nations)

World O-CHA(tea) Forum in Shizuoka
Date Venue Attendees
October 15-17 Granship 10,000 (7 nations)

The Fourth Shizuoka Forum on Health and Longevity
Date Venue Attendees
November 18-22 Granship 2500 (14 nations)

The Second Japanese-Russian Seminar on Technetium
Date Venue Attendees
November 29-December 2 Shizuoka University 80 (2 nations)

The 4th Shizuoka Asia-Pacific Forum
Date Venue Attendees
November 30-December 2 Granship 1500 (5 nations)


CCSBT Scientific Committee Stock Assessment Group Meeting
Date Venue Attendees
July 23-31 Shimizu Marine Building 30 (5 nations)

The Third Shizuoka Asia-Pacific Forum
Date Venue Attendees
November 10-12 Granship 2000 (8 nations)

The Fourth International Conference on Corporate Earthquake Programs
Date Venue Attendees
November 11-14 University of Shizuoka 150 (6 nations)

The 35th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Water Treatment Biology
Date Venue Attendees
November 18-20 University of Shizuoka 250 (5 nations)

The Shizuoka Convention & Visitors Bureau provided some form of assistance for each of the above conventions, from providing translators during sightseeing tours and banquets to supplying pamphlets and welcome signs.

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